En blog om bolig, mode og livet som udenlandsdansker..

tirsdag, februar 03, 2015

I could honestly get used to this every single day! 

I am loving this holiday, and I actually don't want to go back at all. I think this was needed and we are both enjoying the sun, all the fresh fruit, fresh coconutwater, and eating fish almost every night for dinner. It's so yummy! 

Yesterday we rented a car and drove all the way round the island. Seychelles is sooo beautiful.. I still can't believe my eyes! We thought there was way more to see, but all we saw was one beautiful beach after another.. Not that I'm complaining, cos we saw some breathtaking views together and I got to take lots and lots of pictures.  

Today we are doing nothing but enjoying life - we gotta do that once in a while right? ;-) 

søndag, februar 01, 2015

Another day in Paradise..

Today we started the day with a long run on the beach.. or actually, my hubby did.. I needed my beauty sleep so I stayed in bed and dreamt about those lovely omelettes we get to eat every morning.. Yummy! 

I know I've said it before but this place is absolutely stunning. I can't believe my eyes, and I can't believe I'm here! I'm really enjoying some time off in the sun even though it's really strong and making me drowsy. I've got a nice tan already, while my better half is trying his best to be any other colour than white or red.. ;-) 

After enjoying some delicious breakfast in the sun we walked around the island, and where lucky enough to feed some extremely giant tortoises. I was a little bit scared to be honest, but it was kinda cool. Dusty which is the eldest one of all 6 of them, is 105 yrs old and weights 250 KG. Unbelievable! 

We've rented a car for tomorrow, and I'm very excited to see the rest of this beautiful Island. If you guys want to see more pictures and holidayspam, follow my account eilselkremmer on Instagram :-) 

lørdag, januar 31, 2015

Postcard from the Seychelles!

Just woke up to another day in paradise, and oh my god.. I'm blown away! 

This place is absolutely stunning. I could not believe my eyes when we checked in at the resort yesterday. The Constance Ephelia staff are so polite and very helpful, and I feel so lucky to be here right now!

Seychelles is much greener than I thought it would be. We are surrounded by big beautiful mountains, very tall palm trees and thousands of different exotic flowers. I'm in love with this place already! 

The resort is 2000 m2 big and very, very beautiful. There's 4 private beaches, 5 different restaurants, tennis courts, a gym, zepline in the jungle and they also have lots of water activities such as paddle boarding, snorkeling and kayaking. We are having the time of our life's and I'm sure I'm gonna sleep like a baby every night after being so active every day. 

Life is good! :-) 

fredag, januar 30, 2015

Holiday mode!

Seychelles here we come! 

The day finally arrived.. I can't wait for some time off in Paradise with my better half, and what better way to start the journey.. It's never to early for Business class or a glass of champagne! 

mandag, januar 26, 2015

So excited..

The only thing that got me out of bed this morning where these lovely pictures of the stunning Constance Ephelia Resort in they Seychelles, where I will be enjoying life with my better half in 4 days time!

We've had a few hectic weeks lately, so we really need some time off in paradise. I can't wait to chill, get a tan, eat fresh fruit every morning, drinks lots of wine and champagne, treat myself at the spa, and spoil my hubby with a romantic dinner on the beach. :-) 

Let the countdown begin! 

mandag, januar 19, 2015

Home Sweet Home!

We are back in town, and it feels so good to be back! 

I've been missing my family a lot lately, so im really enjoying some quality time with them all. It's bloody freezing tho, but I'm still excited about going for a long walk with a good cup of coffee to keep me warm :-) 

I don't mind winter to be honest, but after 3 years in Dubai you kinda forget how freaking cold it gets!